Excursions of the intensive programs

  • Collioure, le port

The excursions, for a minimum of three students, are choosen by the school and the students depending on the metheorological conditions
Here follow some choises :

 Argelès sur mer

a small picturesque seaside town. A place loved by painters, from the time of Matisse and Picasso up to the present day. 
Here, you will find numerous galleries and workshops. It is here that the spanish poet Antonio Machado is buried. 

Capital of the departement of Pyrénées Orientales, Perpignan was the ephemeral capital of the kingdom of Majorca during  68 years (1276-1344). Perpignan is a town of hundred thousand inhabitants with a pleasant historical centre.

  • Perpignan, place Arago
  • Perpignan, old city
  • Perpignan, detail Loge de mer
  • Perpignan, Loge de mer
  • Perpignan, els Gegants
  • Perpignan, street detail
  • Perpignan, centre

Elne and Castelnou
At few kms inland, you will find villages rich in history like Elne, the old Illiberis , Roman city along the via Domitia and Castelnou, a medieval village which played a remarkable role in the history of Catalonia in the beginning of the second  millenium.

  • Elne
  • Elne, vieux centre
  • Elne, Clocher cathedrale
  • Elne, cloister
  • Elne, cloister detail
  • Elne, cloister
  • Castelnou, entrance of city walls
  • Castelnou, une rue
  • Port Vendres
  • Port Vendres, the church
  • Port Vendres, chateau Saint Elme

Port Vendres and Banyuls
Villages of the rocky coast towards Spain, Port Vendres is now the last fishing and commercial harbour of some importance in the Pyrénées Orientales.
Banyuls is mostly known for its terraced vineyards and its sweet wine, excellent as an aperitif or to drink with a delicious sheep's cheese. 

Other excursions

From Argelès it is easy to travel by train or bus to other towns in France like Montpellier, Carcassone, Toulouse and in Spain like Figueras, Gerona or Barcelona. 
Others remarkable sites in our region can be visited from Argelès. We  invite you to visit the web-site of the "Comité départemental du Tourisme" of  Pyrénées Orientales.