Terms and conditions

Registration, payment

We will send you an attached registration form to be filled out and sent back. Registration will be final upon receipt of a deposit of 25% of the total in the form of bank transfer. Our bank details:

IBAN : FR76 1710 6000 1021 0644 2300 025

Your deposit will be deducted from the total amount of your bill.
Upon receipt, we will confirm your registration by email and provide you with all the necessary information for your stay.
The invoice will be sent with the confirmation of your registration.
The balance will be made by bank transfer at the latest before the start of the first lesson.


Cancelling : The advance-fee will be lost if the cancelling takes place less than 31 days before the first lesson begins.

Changes : Any changes, to be taken into account, must take place at least 31 days before the first lesson begins.

Early Leave : There will be no refund for early leave.

Cancellation on our initiative : Should we have to cancel the learning programme for whatever reason, the advance-fee would be entirely refunded but no compensation can be claimed. The school reserves the right to change the number of lessons in the event of an insufficient number of participants per group. 

Insurance :       All participants to the language programmes have to contract a liability insurance in order to cover risks in the host family.
                         We advise you to contract also an insurance policy to cover all potential damages during your journey and stay (illness, accident, robbery, repatriation).
                         We need to receive an insurance certificate before the start of the language programme.
Banking fees : The participant is responsible for paying banking fees.